English Chutney

English Chutney

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Whoops!! Looks like you are about a day late and a dollar short, RATS, for the both of us! After nine years of producing the most wonderful chutneys this side of the Merrimack River, we have found that our priorities have been evolving. We are no longer concentrating on these chutneys and have discontinued production so we can concentrate more on the production of our famous “Great American Hermits” Please check them out, they are a wonderful “New England Tradition” I know you will love them just as much as we do. Our Hermits can be purchased at






Tom Campbell Wilson, Proprietor 09.23.2019

Thank you for you patronage

Yep, we make English Chutney here at Chutney House.. Our handmade traditional English Chutney is prepared in small batchs and slowly simmered in our New England kitchen. We cater to both the individual buyer and the wholesale market. We are nestled in the Upper Merrimack River Valley in Bow, New Hampshire. Welcome to our web site and hope you take the oppertunity to enjoy our chutneys. Thank you. Tom Campbell Wilson, Proprietor.
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